A message from Divisional Chief Nana Ababio II

Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Royal Order of the Golden Leopard. The Royal Order was created with the aim of contributing to the social development and economic prosperity of the people of the traditional area of Akyem Hwidiem, in the Asante Kingdom. In Akyem Hwidiem we value the education of our children as a tool for a blessed future. Only through education is it possible for the people to walk on the path of freedom and prosperity.

In the Twi language, which is spoken by the people of the Asante Kingdom, the Order is called Sika Sibo Kuo. One of the primary roles of the order is to value, preserve, and spread the culture of the Akan People. If you would like to help in this mission, and support the projects of our Kingdom, please consider joining our order or at least making a small donation. Please browse the pages of this site and learn about our order, then head over to the contact page and send us a message to learn more.