About The Order

The Royal Order of the Golden Leopard is a nonprofit order of chivalry founded to bring together supporters and patrons for the betterment of the Akyem Hwidiem in the Kingdom of Asante. The kingdom is a sub-national kingdom in Ghana, traditionally recognized by the Republic. The Divisional Chief of Akyem Hwidiem is Nana Okofrobour Ababio II.

The Order was established in 2021 by Nana Ababio II with the assistance of the Chancellor and Adontehene Davi Valukas Lopes, Leonardo Scherer, and master heraldist Matheus Dell’Aquila. The focus of the Order is to provide needed donations for developments of the Kingdom. The needs are many, as you can see on the projects page.

The Order has five grades, which are granted for a particular donated amount. Additional donations and contributions may be made to attain higher grades. We also greatly appreciate referrals by our members to potential members. Our passage fees are one-time payments. Though not required, we appreciate other donations, however small.